Want your own Firefox Search Plugin for your wordpress.com blog?

It’s teh DOSAWESOME! So I was thinking about search engines when suddenly I thought, “Hey, why don’t I make a firefox search plugin generator for wordpress.com blogs?” Then BAM! I made a simple (yet powerful), wordpress search engine generator! You can even add it to your site! If you look at the bottom of my sidebar you can see that it’s been added. Go make your own for your site! Check it out!

~ by RogueDarkJedi on July 24, 2006.

5 Responses to “Want your own Firefox Search Plugin for your wordpress.com blog?”

  1. teh GORJUSS!!

  2. Thank ye. If thou hasth (has-th) ye blog than thou shall get ye search plugin

  3. I love it, would it be possible for WordPress.com blogs to personalize the search plugins favicon? If it is a case by case basis, please let me know.. Thank you for your hard work.

  4. Well, yes it is possible if you could send me a png file that is about ruffly (heh heh heh) 16×16 size then I can replace it in and have the code not modify your image. The reason I don’t allow for custom images is:

    1. Can’t upload directly to where the php file can access them and print out your search engine
    2. Uploading is a hassle (I would have to go through renaming and stuff to get it to work)
    3. It’s way easier to do the wordpress icon.

  5. Hey Ruff when you get a chance, Where can I find your email addy to drop a PNG file off, that is Ruffly 16×16….If you go to my website and go to the contact page, you will see my email if you don’t want yours out for all to see

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